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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TX 1 goes wireless . . .

What? A transmitter without any wires? Well, at least for now TX 1 will be without it's wiring as this week's task for the Guam Transmitter Replacement project (GTR) included disconnecting the wires in TX 1 in preparation for its' move across the room. Perhaps not as challenging as gutting an entire transmitter, but certainly important to the entire move.

Last week we reported moving the TX 5 cooling radiator. All the bugs seem to have been worked out, and we praise God that it has been functioning well; perhaps even better than before.

In other news, we sponsored a group of people from Moody Radio (pictured above) who came to visit us as part of their vision trip to China. The main goal of the Moody group's visit was to see first-hand the work and ministry of TWR-Asia and thereby help us to raise the needed funds for the GTR project. By actually seeing the transmitters, towers, and staff, then to actually see our listeners in China, the group was better able to understand the importance and need for the new transmitters. As they return to the States and to their broad radio audience, they will be able to tell the story of TWR and encourage listeners to support the GTR project financially. While they were with us, we had two opportunites to fellowship together as a staff, they observed a "P" shift, and were also able to have a bit of fun as they enjoyed the beautiful island of Guam. It was a joy to share mutual experiences as radio people, and they were an encouragement to us as well. It is probably safe to say we all came away having developed great relationships and friendships with each other.

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