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Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting the Thumbs Up

Things are progressing well with getting TX 1 pieced back together and up and running. All the wiring has been completed; it received a good cleaning, and this past week the steam and condensate pipes were connected to the radiator. The unit is now being tested and while there are a few things that have to be tweaked, the first analysis has gone well. Soon attention will be turned to TX 2 which also needs it's cooling radiator moved outside. While TX 2 itself will not be moved, the radiator transition means that TX 2 will have to be taken down for at least one night. However before this happens, we need to give our listeners ample warning ahead of time of the change so they will know their program will not be aired that day.

As you are aware, there has been much work done to move the cooling radiators outside so that the new transmitters can be in an air-conditioned environment. Those air-conditioners are on their way and should be here within the next two weeks. Planning meetings are being held to plan all the steps needed to install the air-conditioners in a timely manner.

Brief news: --A new phone system has been put into place with each team member receiving their own phone and extension.. . thanks to the hard work of Cassius Smith.
--November brings a new broadcast season (B10) so preparations are being made for frequency and program changes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Design Elements

For those of you who are less technically experienced, have we got a blog for you today. As a writer for the blog, I often find myself challenged to understand the ins and outs of shortwave technology; but talk about interior decorating, and I can keep up with the best of them. So, I delight in sharing about the conference room makeover that happened last week. We were blessed to have Alex and Mandi Gursey come out to design, oversee, and work hard to bring about the transformation of the conference room, taking it from a bland, awkward room, to one that will function on a much better level. Included in the makeover was repainting the walls, adding chair railing, painting a bright, white wall surface for video presentations, and cutting and resurfacing exisiting tables. Lighting for the room was improved with the addition of recessed lights in the ceiling. Alex and Mandi (expecting their fourth child), had only 10 days to pull of this project, so they worked long hours, often into the late evening. Joining them in the endeavor was Paul Gregowske and John Norcyk (cutting and resurfacing the tables), and Jim McIntyre (electrical work). Not to be forgotten is Sterling Ottun who invited the Gursey's to come and who drove them all over the island to find the materials needed. (Yeah, for Home Depot!). The results are a beautiful, professional looking conference room that the TWR staff and guests will enjoy for years to come. A special thank you to Alex and Mandi for their hard work and creative minds. . . the room is stunning!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Power to the Fans

There are still some things left to be done before TX1 can be brought back on the air. Since the heat exchanger will be cooling the steam outside the building, we added another fan. The additional load from the extra 1HP motor caused an existing circuit breaker to be too small. That is why this photo shows me changing the breaker.

Other things we are doing include running the steam and condensate pipes from the transmitter to the heat exchanger, using the old storm door to seal a wall, and making panels and other parts for the transmitter. This work requires electronics, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and metal working skills.

Even without the work related to this project, we can use people with these skills just about all of the time. We have greatly benefitted from the help from short-term helpers on this project. We could also use people with these skills as career missionaries. Please prayerfully consider whether or not the Lord could be leading you to join the team here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Project Management and Moving Radiators

Cassius Smith arrived last week to help with Project management of the Transmitter Replacement Project. Cassius recently retired after working 32 years as a software developer and project manager and is now working Full time with TWR. More Information about Cassius and his wife Valerie can be found on TWR org.

Heat exchanger move

On Friday 8 October we moved the large cooling radiators (120lb each + 100lb fan and frame) for Transmitter 1 and 2 to the outside of the building in preparation for the new layout of the transmitter hall. The radiators were originally mounted as part of the transmitter inside the building and when operated pulled in moist salty air. This modification will provide for a cleaner operating environment for the existing old and new transmitters. Check out the video to see how “many hands make light work”.