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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Final Pour

With everything in place and the ground dried out the final truck load of concrete arrived to finish the pad at the service entry to the shop.  Everyone was hustling to get the pour complete and finished off before the concrete got too hard.  And just in time.  It wasn't long before some heavy rain came.  It's so good to get this portion completed.

The posts for the roof support are now in place and finished too. 

TX 7 is Communicating

It is exciting to see TX 7 light up.  It's like the eyes opened up and it started to say 'feed me'.  Well, not quite.

At least the control portion is awake, and it can be accessed remotely.  The cooling system is working (blowers and full speed water).  Some faults have appeared, but things are so they can be traced and followed up on.  The troubleshooting has stepped up to the next level.

The RF output is moving along slowly.  It is now through the TX hall wall and the final connection to the antenna goes through the old air vault to the outer wall where it will connect with the antenna feed line.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Big Pour

This weeks post is highlighting the 'Big Pour" which kept us scrambling to get the pad work done before the concrete hardened up too much. 

This extended our service entry tarmak to the width of the building.  Part of the work is upgrading our drainage system at the back of the building too.  
And after this pour came another Big Pour the next day.  But this time it was from the clouds opening up and really becoming a 'soaker'.  This proved the first Big Pour was timed right.

The RF output duct work is also still in process.  The duct work for inside the transmitter hall should be complete this week.  Then we have to go through the first wall and work out to connect to thru the external and the feed lines.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Keeping Up

Here is a view of how February is starting out. 

We have a few projects underway, but we are still seeing progress with TX 7.
The lights are on! TX 7 has low level power.  It was good to get some parts on and especially to get the waterpump on.  A few leaks showed where some O-rings had to be replaced.  And on we go.

Final phase to finishing the RF duct (to the feed line) is underway.

We can't neglect the other transmitters!  TX maintenance is also a task that needs to be done.

Building roof extension and service entry phase is underway. This is a great start for February.  We are grateful also for new help that has come for a few months.  Welcome to Laszlo and Marty and Jen.