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Friday, July 29, 2011

Raising The Balun - 2

A balun is a type of electrical transformer that joins a balanced line (one that has two conductors, with equal currents in opposite directions, such as a twisted pari cable) to an unbalanced line (one that has just one conductor and a ground such as a coaxial cable).
This balun weighs around 660 lbs. This really wasn't a big challenge for our riggers who quickly had the necessary equipment for hoisting up the units. The real challenge was the amount of space needed for the large balun unit. It had to be raised and turned from an area half the size of its length.
It was a bit time consuming, but it all went without a hitch, as this was all successfully connected together. The remaining part of this project is to now get the feed lines out through the wall and connected with the curtain antenna
(We did 'raise the roof' as we thanked the Lord for the successful and non-eventful raising of the balun.)

Raising The Balun

This is not like raising the roof (creating a loud noise), or raising Johnny (teaching children the disciplines of life).
This is about hoisting the VHF filter and the Balun to connect them as part of the RF output of the new transmitter. They are raised up to the roof however (suspended from).
The VHF filter unit weighs approximately 300 lbs. This was the first unit raised to connect to the transmitter RF output.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Chilling Effect!

Chilling on Guam? Or maybe it means we are chilling out - calming down instead of getting wired! NOT!
The water from the cooling system is 'chilled' or cooled in fan cooled radiators. The water flows in and out of the chillers through the copper water lines (previously posted). Here the mounting of the fan units is being done to the chiller units.


"Yes Grasshopper, balance is everything!

Transmitter Cooling

About 100 feet (two 50 foot runs) of Copper water lines had to be fabricated, fit and installed for the transmitter cooling system. These lines connect the tank in the transmitter to the chillers outside the building.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Wired - Part 3

Another volunteer arrived from the States to help us for two weeks of our busiest time here.
Marty Montour got right into 'wired ' mode as he joined the team in building conduit runs, cutting cable, pulling wires, etc.
The power and control lines for the heat exchanger fans were fished through and completed to the breaker box.
The conduit runs to the control transformer were completed and then came the day to pull the cable into the control transformer. Did I fail to mention that we have been experiencing feeder-band activity from a typhoon to our north? This brought torrential rains to us. You may notice in these pictures that we have the added element of mud.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Wired - Part 2

Well - had better put some more coffee on - there is more wiring to be done. The following pictures tell the story.
1) Jim & Kevin are installing conduit and wiring the fans to TX 6
2) Bob Schultz is wiring the fan relays.
3) Mike & Phil are tracing and establishing the wiring to TX 6
4) Jim & Mike are installing new breakers. (Power has been shut off to this part of the building.
You can imagine a dark blank picture before lighting was set up to do the work in this picture.
5) The control transformer has just arrived today. Next will be getting this in place... and wired up.