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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Stormy Weather Begins

The temperament of the weather has been a factor to our delay with ground work for the antenna matrix project.

We had the cement trucks ready to come on September 19.  The night before and into the 19th we had a tropical storm develop around us and bring 10 inches of rain that day and another 6 inches of rain on September 20.  Flooding and wind gusts brought road closures and power outages.

We even had a couple minor repairs to do as a result of the wind gusts.  The first was repairing an antenna guy wire that broke during the night of September 18.   We also had a drop wire to an antenna reflector screen come loose as the anchor was torn out by the winds.

And then... other maintenance items have taken priority for us.  One of our transmitter hall air conditioners needed repair.  While repair work was being done in the antenna field, the air conditioner also failed in our playout control room. 
We are definitely in storm season.  We will hope to update the blog soon with an update of getting back on track with having the pad completed for the antenna matrix.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Wall Building

We have been blessed with some dry weather during what is normally a wet time of year.  This allowed some of the staff members to build a retaining wall in just a few days.  The wall is needed to keep rain and mud out of the area in which the antenna switch matrix will be installed.  Erosion is a major problem on Guam, so we must think ahead to thwart its effects. 
As you see below, the wall is basically completed.  Concrete will be poured into the blocks for added strength.  There is some clean-up to do, but we are nearly ready for the next step.  That is to build a concrete pad for the switch matrix.  We hope to get the framing for the concrete done next week. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We are pleased to be operating the new transmitters and stepping into this new developing and changing era of broadcasting.
Work continues to go on.  We are just starting in the process of a further upgrade that is linked to the transmitter project.  We're taking things 'outside' again.
Ground was just broken to get into the concrete work for the antenna switcher matrix we are just getting started with.

The addition of an antenna matrix will add the versatility of being able to use any of our antennas with any of the transmitters.  We have always had an antenna designated to a transmitter.  This gives us better capability of program placement as well as a more effective redundancy for contingency coverage.
Please pray for progress.  We have entered rainy season, but so far have had relatively dry weather - enough to get things started.  Staying ahead of the rain will be one of the key challenges.
Stay Tuned!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TX 7 Dedication

Our TWR Guam Team along with Daryl Renshaw (Director of Asia Regional Services) and Shakti Verma (Broadcast Operations Director) had a commissioning and dedication time prior to Transmitter 7 being put on the air this weekend.
Dedication Team
Operations Team present

Transmitter 7 is now operating with a daily schedule of programming.

KTWR Guam Staff and families

Much appreciation and thanks is extended here to all those who participated in the Transmitter Replacement Project these last three years.  It is a joy and blessing to remember this long list of people who contributed to getting these transmitters operational and on the air proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.
We don't have pictures here of everyone - but looking back through this blog you will see most of them :-)
And... there is more to come!                          Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 12, 2013

TX 7 -- In the line up

We've just concluded this week with getting TX 7 ready for it's 'commissioning' and mid-season change scheduled for July 21st.  The many hours put into all the testing  have cycled down to:

1 - Getting the automation systems talking
2 - Getting the antenna connected and the slewing confirmed for the azimuth changes needed.
Tuning the transmitter to the various frequencies we can use it for.  Nine frequencies were set and tested.
And there it is -- TX  7 is ready for airing!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Business as Usual - Normal Ops (?)

It's been awhile since the last post.  We have been pretty much at business as usual.
And a big item is - we need to keep the building cool.  Air conditioner maintenance has been at the top of things.
Next was a power tube replacement on one of the old Harris transmitters.  The tube being removed had faithfully worked through 52,000 hours of broadcasts!

This is not a split screen picture.  This is working on both sides of the automation network panels. We had the privilege to have Isaac come to dedicate time to upgrade and add more development to our automation systems.
And of course there are still many hours being put into spare circuit boards.  Each board assembly is placed in the control system chasis and tested, evaluated and repaired.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

System Check... Countdown... Hit the on button... Houston - we have lift off

Transmitter 7 has successful on air testing!
I am reminded of a favorite book by Chuck Swindoll - Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back.
Within the last couple days we have seen some real steps ahead to getting TX 7 on the air.  One step accomplished, and then it's back to move ahead to the next step.
Just a couple hours ago the call rang out for a test to bring TX 7 on.  And... all systems go.  Next -  to put modulation on - an audio test over the air.
It was a success!!   (Rejoicing -- Hallelujah!)
The tune of “He who began a good work in you – is faithful to complete it” was the first sound out of TX 7.
The transmitter isn’t ready for putting scheduled programing over the air yet, but – we have radio – we have lift off!  J

Monday, May 13, 2013

Surgeon's Scenario

More Testing and More Troubleshooting.
This is beginning to sound more like a surgeon's scenario!  The transmitter is okay, but there is no communication from the brain!  So this is really a story about transmitter neuro-engineers! 
Just an hour ago after a few 'surgical' procedures to the control section of the transmitter the switch was  hit for another test.  The screen cleared and lights came up and this time the lights were green!  Success!!  At least in part. 
The communication from the brain was in process. One description is that the modulator, servo controller, and the main control unit are communicating with each other, and also with the PC!  
This is a real step ahead.  Now - the surgery is not complete.  The 'neuro-engineers' will need to suit up tomorrow and ... hopefully more good news will be coming.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Testing... Troubleshooting

The final stages of transmitter project may look so glamorous as the installation stages, but this is getting down to the real 'nitty-gritty'. 
Tracing faults, testing circuit boards, automation circuits... etc., etc.
Searching, diagnosing, repairing, testing...
and on we go.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The New Look (or)

                    Perlins, Roofing and Platform Dynamics

In the last week the heavy work was done to prepare for getting the roof on.  The preparation and structure is the major effort and work to accomplish.

And then, though cumbersome - the roofing goes on. Through the sun and and the heat...

And finally - the change is obvious.   And ... shade!