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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TX 7 Dedication

Our TWR Guam Team along with Daryl Renshaw (Director of Asia Regional Services) and Shakti Verma (Broadcast Operations Director) had a commissioning and dedication time prior to Transmitter 7 being put on the air this weekend.
Dedication Team
Operations Team present

Transmitter 7 is now operating with a daily schedule of programming.

KTWR Guam Staff and families

Much appreciation and thanks is extended here to all those who participated in the Transmitter Replacement Project these last three years.  It is a joy and blessing to remember this long list of people who contributed to getting these transmitters operational and on the air proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.
We don't have pictures here of everyone - but looking back through this blog you will see most of them :-)
And... there is more to come!                          Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 12, 2013

TX 7 -- In the line up

We've just concluded this week with getting TX 7 ready for it's 'commissioning' and mid-season change scheduled for July 21st.  The many hours put into all the testing  have cycled down to:

1 - Getting the automation systems talking
2 - Getting the antenna connected and the slewing confirmed for the azimuth changes needed.
Tuning the transmitter to the various frequencies we can use it for.  Nine frequencies were set and tested.
And there it is -- TX  7 is ready for airing!