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Monday, May 19, 2014

Solar Power Coming to KTWR

Several months ago, KTWR started the process of getting a solar power system installed at the station.  It took us quite a while to get the 30KW system designed.  Now that the parts have been packed for shipment, we are getting more excited about having this operating at KTWR.  As you can imagine, our power bills are a large chunk of our yearly budget.  Having a 30KW grid-tie system will save money that can be used to expand TWR's ministry to the Asia/Pacific Region.  We expect the system to be operational in July.  If this system works as expected, we intend to add more power generation capacity.  We are allowed up to 100KW for a grid-tie alternative energy capability.  There will be times of the day during which the power meter will run backwards.  That will be fun to watch!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heavy Metal

We are now back to focusing on the antenna switch matrix. After servicing the backhoe, we were able to install two of the three feedline hangers on the pad. These hangers hold the feedlines taut while taking the stress off of the switch connection points. Each hanger weighs ~1000lbs and they are quite awkward to move. Both the forklift and the backhoe were needed to get them into position.
There is one more hanger remaining to fabricate and install.  It will be small enough that we can do the final positioning without the heavy equipment.  Once that is done, we can attach some feedlines to the hangers and build the shelter for the switch control system and the power distribution panel.