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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boxed In

The final delivery of the antenna switchers arrived at the site today. They were all crated and boxed up quite effectively by the HCJB team in Elkhart. There was no damage at all to the cargo.

Work continues with the switcher stands and mounting the switchers. We now have a good assembly line as switchers are mounted on the stands.  

Jim is even boxed in as he completes the rest of the stands.

Hmmmmm... do you have an idea of an upcoming project?

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Just a very quick update this week.  The antenna switchers arrived in port last week.  The first truck delivered the first six switchers today. Hopefully the rest will follow very soon.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again!

When dry season comes on Guam it is evident.  In just a few short days the switch to dry season was obvious.  The dry breeze along with very warm days and very cool nights has set in.  The ground has gone from 'smushy' to showing dry cracks in the soil.  It is quite amazing.

So FINALLY after 4 1/2 months we have been to get the concrete pad poured. The weather was perfect. Three trucks of concrete and nine volunteers showed up to help our site staff accomplish this task.

It was a joy to have everything come together. What an encouragement to have so many helping hands. What a joy to see this part of the project done with  such enthusiasm.

Rain Check

This update is L-O-N-G overdue.  To complicate things I had a browser issue... so now finally let's begin some updates! 

We have been catching up on a lot of things, but the hardest has been getting set up for the concrete pour!  Our storm season continued to drench us through the end of 2013.  Praise God we didn't have to deal with a typhoon!  And then when 2014 arrived, instead of the usual dry part of the season change, we received lots of rain.  We were within less than an inch of the all time record for rain in January.

                     So... at least other parts of the antenna switcher project continued.
In January Jim focused on welding, and with the construction team has produced  (now 7) of the switcher stands.

Also the antenna switcher units have all been completed at HCJB Engineering in Elkhart Indiana.  They were shipped out to Guam on Jan. 20.