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Monday, September 13, 2010

TX 1 is feeling disconnected . . .

After the drama of these past several weeks, this week's work on the GTR project seemed rather tame. The goal? To get TX 1 ready to be moved across the room to its new location. The wires that had to be disconnected were disengaged and the top of the unit is off, so now it is ready to be moved.
This week's project toward the ultimate goal of installing the new transmitters, is to move high voltage lines over so that there will be room for the Thompsons. It goes without saying that prayer will be greatly appreciated with this venture.
Excitement grows as the aspect of more workers to come out to help with the project continues to develop. John Norczk from Florida, will be flying in on Friday and staying for a month. Kevin Baker from Canada plans to arrive in October and will be staying on for several months. Others are also expressing interest in helping for which we are very thankful.
Above are several photos as part of our visual diary of the GTR project.

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