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Monday, September 20, 2010

Heave Ho . . .

"On the count of three, you pull, and we will push." . . . And so with a loud 1-2-3, three 5/8" high-voltage lines (SSC) were threaded through a narrow 1 1/2" conduit pipe that took the lines through two 85 degree turns and one long 40 foot run (see pic 4). It took two men to push the lines through (pic 3), and as the lines got to the end of the pipe, four men to finish pulling it through (pic 5). This was done twice. As I watched this, I was reminded of sailors of old, hoisting up a main-sail. All this was done to make room for the Thompsons; the old lines having been in the way.

On tap this week: the new power lines will be connected, and TX 1 will be moved to its new location across the room, after which installation will begin.

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