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Monday, May 18, 2015

A Dolphin We Did Not Want to See

Many of you have heard about Typhoon Dolphin's arrival on Guam last Friday. Most of Guam lost power and some areas lost water service. Even telephone service has been problematic in many areas. The utility crews have been working hard to get things back to normal. We still do not have power at KTWR, so we have been running our generators.

Dolphin managed to mangle ANT1 during its visit. We are quite grateful that the antenna matrix allows us to use other antennas, so that all of the programs can continue to be aired. There was some minor damage to ANT2A, but we can still use it.

ANT1 must be rebuilt. This process requires several people, so we have been getting help from local volunteers. It will take over a week to lower the antenna, rebuild it, and raise it back up. Please pray for safety for the workers. The antenna field is definitely a hardhat area. Please also pray for endurance and wisdom for those involved in this project. It is very hard work and the weather is quite hot and sticky.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Security Fence is Up

After installing the first phase of our solar panel array in September 2014, the panels were left open and unprotected on a hillside on our property.  With so many different projects going on throughout the past few months, we haven't gotten around to installing a security fence.  Since the work on our other projects, such as the switch matrix, has slowed down after the broadcast season change, we took this opportunity to build the fence!

With the fence complete, phase one of our solar project has come to a close.  Currently, we are in the design and engineering stages of the second phase.  We are hoping to install the next phase in July before the rainy season gets underway.

Using a two-man auger to drill the holes for the fence posts.

Paul and Phil cutting the fence posts to 10-foot lengths.
The fence posts are in place!
Stretching out the chain link to attach to the end posts.

Voila!  The completed fence!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Tractor Arrived

Yesterday, we received word that the tractor we purchased from the US had cleared customs here on Guam!  Jim and Phil headed up north with Matt, who generously allowed us to use his trailer, to retrieve the merchandise.  Over the past few months, we have experienced some serious transmission issues with our current tractor.  Our lawncare provider, Mark, has done an excellent job with the mowing, especially considering that the reverse does not work!  He has skillfully navigated the antenna field to make sure that the grass stays neat and trimmed.  This job is important, as it greatly reduces the hazard of a fire during dry season.  The new tractor will be a big help to the site, as we can always find creative uses for motor vehicles here at KTWR Guam!