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Monday, September 27, 2010

TX 1 Goes Skating . . .

How do you move a huge transmitter across a room? You put it on "skates" and push! Sounds simple, but the process took a lot of planning, man power, and a dedicated staff to accomplish this massive task. More importantly, the Lord was front and center throughout the whole procedure for which we give Him all praise and honor.

In preparation for the move, the TX was placed on "skates" (see pic 1) to make the move easier. Once the TX was pushed out into the transmitter hall, some prep work was done on the area that had been inacessible since it's first installment. Then came the all-hands-on-deck effort of pushing it across the room and to the opposite space once occupied by TX 4, (pics 2-4) and placing it into it's new home (pic 6). Next, the upper level section of the transmitter was put into place. Also moved was the temporary wall that had been placed in former TX 4's spot to cover the gap now left by TX 1. For a "moving" experience, be sure to see the video posted below.

This week's work will be focused on re-assembly, re-wiring, and reconnecting power to TX 1. Once that TX is up and working, TX 3 can be taken out (after a potential buyer has viewed it as a working TX). Another cooling radiator move is also on tap fo this week.

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