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Monday, August 30, 2010

P-u-s-h it back, p-u-s-h it back, w-a-y back!

That was was the project over this past week. Adventuring where no others had gone before, the cooling radiator for TX 5 was moved outside the building and placed into a custom-made box.

The new transmitters which will be installed later this year, will require air-conditioning to keep them cool. It was felt that leaving the radiator inside (from the remaining TX) would cause too much heat to build up within the building. Because moving and locating this radiator outside had never been done before, the TWR engineers put their heads together with others outside TWR and came up with an ingenious plan:

The main radiator was put into an air pleuum with a 3000 CFM fan. This was set outside under a porch roof that protects the system from the weather. The pleuum was installed above the air-conditioner duct work to conserve space. The 3" steam pipe was then insulted (inside the building) to reduce the load on the air-conditioner. The condensate pipe from the radiator was attached to the existing pipe inside the transmitter.

Since the move, there have been some bugs that had to be worked out, but overall, the crew is very pleased with the project, and over the past few nights, the transmitter has not tripped off as it had been during the first few nights after the move.

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