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Monday, October 11, 2010

Project Management and Moving Radiators

Cassius Smith arrived last week to help with Project management of the Transmitter Replacement Project. Cassius recently retired after working 32 years as a software developer and project manager and is now working Full time with TWR. More Information about Cassius and his wife Valerie can be found on TWR org.

Heat exchanger move

On Friday 8 October we moved the large cooling radiators (120lb each + 100lb fan and frame) for Transmitter 1 and 2 to the outside of the building in preparation for the new layout of the transmitter hall. The radiators were originally mounted as part of the transmitter inside the building and when operated pulled in moist salty air. This modification will provide for a cleaner operating environment for the existing old and new transmitters. Check out the video to see how “many hands make light work”.

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