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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Diving in the Deep End

While it has been a long time since we posted anything on this blog, it's not like we have been doing nothing at KTWR. We continue to work to make the station more effective and efficient. Sometimes projects must be put aside in order to do some high-priority repair work.

The photo to the right shows us working on the RF driver for TX6. It had been having intermittent trouble for several weeks. When it finally had a fault that would stay, we were able to track down the faulty circuit board. TX6 is much happier now.

One interesting thing about this photo is that it shows two former KTWR chief engineers and the new chief engineer. Mike has been the TWR Asia broadcast operations director since July. Perry is leaving KTWR to take on a global engineering role within TWR. Steve is now the chief engineer. He has not been here long, but he has been learning quickly what it takes to keep this equipment running. He is basically in sink-or-swim mode now. Please keep him in your prayers.

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