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Friday, July 14, 2017

Interns to the Rescue!

Last week, transmitter 5 (TX5) completely shut down during one of our evening broadcasts. Though two of our staff worked through the night shift to get it up and running again, they were unsuccessful. In the morning, it was the day shift’s responsibility to resume the work.

From top to bottom: Elayne, Abby, and Sarah
It was all engineering hands on deck, including our three interns Abby, Elayne, and Sarah. Elayne worked with engineers Mike and Dale to narrow down the problem, which led them to a bad cable in the machine. All three interns proceeded to make a new cable. Unfortunately the new cable did not fix the transmitter, so it was back to problem solving. Their search finally led them to some worn out parts in the voltage regulator for which we have no spares, but they were all able to make the regulator work again in spite of this (a testament to the resourcefulness of our staff here). New parts will be necessary for a long-term fix.

Transmitter 5 is our busiest transmitter. When it goes down, we can lose up to five hours of programming each night. We take this very seriously because we know many of our listeners depend on the programs for encouragement and growth in their understanding of God’s Word. We have had a few more issues with TX5 since then, which our engineers have been able to resolve after much time and effort. We pray that the Lord would continue to sustain our ministry and give our engineers eyes to find the source of technical problems as they arise and the mental and physical capacity to resolve those glitches. The interns were given the opportunity last week to prove their mettle, and we thank the Lord that He used the gifts He’s given them to help restore the machine back to working order so that more may hear of the greatness of our Lord.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,
and his greatness is unsearchable.
Psalm 145:3

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