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Friday, March 16, 2018

Working Vacation

When most people go on vacation, their intention is to get a break from work. Of course, there are some people, such as the world political leaders, who must do some work while on "vacation". Then there are those who actually choose to work while vacationing. Nathaniel falls into this last group. He took two weeks off from his job in Arkansas to visit Guam. He lived here for much of his childhood.

Nathaniel has formal training in welding, but had not been able to use that training in the jobs he has held. In his current job, he is a forklift driver. So while he has been able to do some site-seeing and visit friends and family, he also put in some time to build a pair of gates for one of the solar array fences. Using his welding skills is helping KTWR with a needed task and is helping him maintain his proficiency.

Have you ever thought about doing something like this? KTWR does have small projects like this that come up frequently. Welding and forklift driving are both skills that can be used here. There are many other skills such as painting, concrete work, electronics repair, etc. that really come in handy at the station. The Lord has prepared all of us in the body of believers with abilities that can be used in His service. Maybe you can use yours on a working vacation in the tropics. If it seems that the Lord is leading you this way, please contact KTWR's station manager, Grant Hodgins, at

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