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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Taking on the Heat: a Solar Panels Update and the Arrival of Our Summer Interns

The KTWR staff has been laboring hard in the heat to install the new solar panels since the materials arrived in March, and much progress has been made. Volunteers Jerry and Pam Fitzwater were still on island then and were able to help with digging the postholes. After the holes were dug, the posts were set in place and the panels were mounted. Now our engineers are in the process of wiring the panels and tying them into the main power grid at the site.

Digging the postholes
One hole at a time: Jim M. using the auger while Jerry and Dale clear dirt out of the way and keep it from falling back into the hole
Dale and Dave setting a post in its hole while Phil and Mike prepare another post in the background
Jim A., Perry, Mike, and Jim M. pouring concrete to secure the posts

Since the Fitzwaters left us at the end of April, we’ve had some new help arrive on island—three summer interns! Abby, Elayne, and Sarah have joined KTWR for two months to gain some practical experience in their respective engineering fields and to grow in their understanding of missions. All three young ladies raised support to be here and have sacrificed making money and taking it easy during their summer breaks out of a desire to be faithful to the Lord and His calling in their lives.

Abby Acker just completed her sophomore year at John Brown University where she is majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Intercultural Studies. In the picture above, Abby is pulling wiring through a conduit for the newly mounted panels.

Elayne Apol also just completed her sophomore year at Dordt College where she is a Mechanical Engineering major. Above, Elayne is using a heat gun (in the already hot weather) to straighten some of the wire conduits that stick out above ground.

Sarah Chen will be a senior this fall at the University of Michigan. She is majoring in Computer Engineering. Sarah is pictured above feeding wiring through a conduit for Abby while Dale further secures some panels to their mounts.

The work might not always be what they expected it to be as all of our staff members wear many hats around the site in order to keep our daily operations running smoothly. But it is clear that these interns came prepared to serve, and they have willingly taken on various tasks no matter how menial or complex. We are excited to see how the Lord grows them this summer and uses this time to teach them more about their fields of study, the ministry of TWR on Guam, and the mission He has given His followers to reach every tribe, tongue, and nation with the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior.

From left to right: Elayne, Sarah, and Abby

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