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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Stormy Weather Begins

The temperament of the weather has been a factor to our delay with ground work for the antenna matrix project.

We had the cement trucks ready to come on September 19.  The night before and into the 19th we had a tropical storm develop around us and bring 10 inches of rain that day and another 6 inches of rain on September 20.  Flooding and wind gusts brought road closures and power outages.

We even had a couple minor repairs to do as a result of the wind gusts.  The first was repairing an antenna guy wire that broke during the night of September 18.   We also had a drop wire to an antenna reflector screen come loose as the anchor was torn out by the winds.

And then... other maintenance items have taken priority for us.  One of our transmitter hall air conditioners needed repair.  While repair work was being done in the antenna field, the air conditioner also failed in our playout control room. 
We are definitely in storm season.  We will hope to update the blog soon with an update of getting back on track with having the pad completed for the antenna matrix.

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