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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We are pleased to be operating the new transmitters and stepping into this new developing and changing era of broadcasting.
Work continues to go on.  We are just starting in the process of a further upgrade that is linked to the transmitter project.  We're taking things 'outside' again.
Ground was just broken to get into the concrete work for the antenna switcher matrix we are just getting started with.

The addition of an antenna matrix will add the versatility of being able to use any of our antennas with any of the transmitters.  We have always had an antenna designated to a transmitter.  This gives us better capability of program placement as well as a more effective redundancy for contingency coverage.
Please pray for progress.  We have entered rainy season, but so far have had relatively dry weather - enough to get things started.  Staying ahead of the rain will be one of the key challenges.
Stay Tuned!!

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