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Monday, May 13, 2013

Surgeon's Scenario

More Testing and More Troubleshooting.
This is beginning to sound more like a surgeon's scenario!  The transmitter is okay, but there is no communication from the brain!  So this is really a story about transmitter neuro-engineers! 
Just an hour ago after a few 'surgical' procedures to the control section of the transmitter the switch was  hit for another test.  The screen cleared and lights came up and this time the lights were green!  Success!!  At least in part. 
The communication from the brain was in process. One description is that the modulator, servo controller, and the main control unit are communicating with each other, and also with the PC!  
This is a real step ahead.  Now - the surgery is not complete.  The 'neuro-engineers' will need to suit up tomorrow and ... hopefully more good news will be coming.

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