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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Design Elements

For those of you who are less technically experienced, have we got a blog for you today. As a writer for the blog, I often find myself challenged to understand the ins and outs of shortwave technology; but talk about interior decorating, and I can keep up with the best of them. So, I delight in sharing about the conference room makeover that happened last week. We were blessed to have Alex and Mandi Gursey come out to design, oversee, and work hard to bring about the transformation of the conference room, taking it from a bland, awkward room, to one that will function on a much better level. Included in the makeover was repainting the walls, adding chair railing, painting a bright, white wall surface for video presentations, and cutting and resurfacing exisiting tables. Lighting for the room was improved with the addition of recessed lights in the ceiling. Alex and Mandi (expecting their fourth child), had only 10 days to pull of this project, so they worked long hours, often into the late evening. Joining them in the endeavor was Paul Gregowske and John Norcyk (cutting and resurfacing the tables), and Jim McIntyre (electrical work). Not to be forgotten is Sterling Ottun who invited the Gursey's to come and who drove them all over the island to find the materials needed. (Yeah, for Home Depot!). The results are a beautiful, professional looking conference room that the TWR staff and guests will enjoy for years to come. A special thank you to Alex and Mandi for their hard work and creative minds. . . the room is stunning!

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