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Monday, June 6, 2016


At the end of last week, KTWR staff members completed a task in the Transmitter (TX) hall that has been a long time coming—resurfacing the floor. The TX hall rehab has been in process over the last six years as it has seen the retiring of one transmitter in 2010 and the arrival of two new transmitters in 2011. Throughout the decommissioning and installation processes, the floor got a little torn up and some trenches were made where lines for previous transmitters were removed.

Now, the trenches are filled in and epoxy paint and coating have been applied to the floor of the entire TX hall to give it a smooth, clean finish. The new floor is easier to clean, more pleasing to the eye for visitors, and creates a safer work environment. The Lord has entrusted this site to TWR, and we’re grateful to those who are faithful to do these “little” things so that the greater aspects of the ministry may be carried out more effectively.

The old floor and trenches after they had been filled in.

The new floor!

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