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Monday, June 27, 2016

Interns on Guam

On June 4th, three college students from the States stepped off a plane and walked out of the airport into the humid Guam air to begin two-month long engineering internships with TWR. Drew, Eric, and Michael are gaining invaluable practical experience for potential engineering jobs in the future, but they aren’t the only ones who have something to gain during these two months. According to Dale Philyaw, one of KTWR’s engineers and the staff member overseeing the interns, these young men have proven themselves to be willing helpers during a very busy season for our staff on Guam. Here’s a look at what brought each of them here this summer and the tasks they’re helping to accomplish:

Drew Swearingen is a senior at Purdue University majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Last summer, Drew spent time in Africa doing mission work through his church, but before leaving, he had learned about TWR and its internship opportunities. He decided to apply for one of those opportunities this year in order to experience what it’s like to use his technical skills for missions. Drew desires to be open to serving the Lord in ministry someday with his degree if that’s where the Lord leads him.

Drew helping to run a fiber optic line from the solar panels outside to the control room inside
Eric Rowe is a senior at Dordt College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Eric was interested in exploring how missions and engineering could be integrated, and after doing a Google search for missions engineering internships, he found TWR’s webpage and decided to apply. Not only does he believe the work to be beneficial, but he also sees the opportunity to live in a different geographical and cultural setting as a valuable experience.

Eric weed eating around the radio towers
Michael (Mike) Pasti is a senior at Messiah College majoring in Electrical Engineering. Mike found out about TWR internship opportunities through a job fair at his college. After college Mike plans to get a job and gain more work experience and save money. He desires to make and keep connections on the field for potential full-time ministry prospects in the future. He also hopes to take home some local Chamorro recipes to share with others back at home.

Mike helping to create a test for one of the transmitter parts to determine where there's a fault in the part
All three of these young men could have gotten jobs during their last summer breaks of college or found internships that paid, but the Lord led each of them here, and they were obedient to His calling in their lives. We are so grateful for their willingness to work hard and to serve our staff and our listeners.

From left to right: Drew, Eric, and Mike

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