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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Putting the New Guy to Work

KTWR's staff has gotten some fresh new blood to help out with the work at the station. Andrew has come out for a one-year term to put his missions heart and mechanical engineering training to good use.

The main thing we have been working on lately has been the RF switch matrix. We currently have two transmitters and three antennas connected to the matrix. We plan to get the remaining transmitter and another antenna connected to it on Friday. The remaining two antenna connections should be relatively easy to do once Friday's work is done. To get ready for the big job on Friday, we have been doing as much as we can to prepare for that day.  In this photo, Andrew is helping with the task of dropping the ANT5 feedlines to get them out of the way.

Please pray for us as we get the final physical connections done over the next few weeks. We also ask that you pray for the matrix control software integration and testing that is underway.

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