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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dodged a Bullet

With the eye of Typhoon Vongfong passing north of Guam by ~40 miles, many people on the island felt that they had dodged a bullet. Top winds ranged from 40mph in the area around KTWR to 70mph at the northern end of Guam. Had the storm hit us directly, we would probably have lost our commercial power and water supplies.

Vongfong is now a super typhoon headed for southern Japan. Please pray for the people in its path.

KTWR could generate power with any of its three generators, but there was no back-up water supply. Since it is too muddy to work in the antenna field, we took the opportunity to install a 500gal water system. Now that it is functional, it is much easier for us to operate during the frequent water outages that occur during rainy season.

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