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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cable Wrestling

Perry preparing the basket for the next pull
We realize that it has been quite a while since we updated this blog.  Not much had happened that related to the installation of the second new transmitter.  We needed time to catch up on other tasks.

Now we can report that work on TX7 has begun.  One of the first things that must be done is running the electrical wiring to the transmitter.  This is not a trivial task due to the size of the cables and the conduits.  It takes five people to pull one set of cables through the conduit.  Even with that many people, we wound up using a truck to do some of the pulling. 

We did run into some hitches with part of TX7.  Some ceramic insulators broke, so more must be ordered.  This put the tube socket rebuild on hold.  We have plenty of work to do without being stuck waiting for the parts.
The guys wrestling conduit and stiff cables simulataneously

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