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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catching Up!

In the face-paced world we live in, who can’t attest to the need for “catch up” at times?   It is no different at KTWR!  More than a year of intense work focused on the transmitter project took its toll on the regular maintenance around the station, especially tasks like the antenna maintenance.  Hence, the quiet nature of this blog recently, which you probably have noticed!

Antenna maintenance is a lengthy process.   It starts on the ground with inspection of all the hardware for the tower guys, antenna drops and ground rods.  

The humid, salty environment we experience here is rough on this equipment.  Recently the tower anchors were dug up, inspected and repaired as needed.

In addition to the inspections on the ground, inspection must be done in the air. Many of the dipole wires need to be replaced due to rust. This is a tedious process, and one for which we covet your prayers for protection for the guys!

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