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Friday, July 29, 2011

Raising The Balun - 2

A balun is a type of electrical transformer that joins a balanced line (one that has two conductors, with equal currents in opposite directions, such as a twisted pari cable) to an unbalanced line (one that has just one conductor and a ground such as a coaxial cable).
This balun weighs around 660 lbs. This really wasn't a big challenge for our riggers who quickly had the necessary equipment for hoisting up the units. The real challenge was the amount of space needed for the large balun unit. It had to be raised and turned from an area half the size of its length.
It was a bit time consuming, but it all went without a hitch, as this was all successfully connected together. The remaining part of this project is to now get the feed lines out through the wall and connected with the curtain antenna
(We did 'raise the roof' as we thanked the Lord for the successful and non-eventful raising of the balun.)

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