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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Tool for the IT Room

As if we don't have enough doodads, gadgets, computers and monitors in our IT room, we have now added a DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) Content Server. Recently received from the Elkhart Engineering site, this computer will give us the ability to add digital programming along with our analog broadcasts. This means that a listener with a digital receiver can experience an FM quality broadcast while listening to shortwave. What I found interesting is that it also allows the capability to add text to a broadcast. Imagine, being able to send a quick note about programming or a Bible verse. Economically it can also mean a 25% reduction in power needed to broadcast. Testing of the system is scheduled for this fall on Transmitter 5 (currently in use), and TX 6 (not as yet installed). I am sure that everyone here will be on a learning curve as they work with the system, so please be praying for them as they put the Content Server into action.

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