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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Other Duties as Assigned

We have been getting quite a bit of help with the installation of three new air conditioners at KTWR. Helpers come from many different backgrounds and have a wide variety of talents. We often work in the realm of "other duties as assigned" that is covered in our job descriptions. Even TWR President and CEO, Lauren Libby, put in some time welding on a frame that will hold one of the 1,300lb cooling units. He had just arrived on Guam the previous night. This is an interesting way to combat jetlag.

The last two air conditioners will be picked up this week. Two of the frames should be ready for paint within a day or so. Assembly of the third frame has not yet begun. Once at least one of the air conditioners is mounted, we can begin ductwork and wiring.

Getting one or more of these units operating is an important milestone for us. That will allow much of the major building modification work to proceed. We cannot install the Thomson transmitters without the building remodeling being partially complete. Please pray for us to make good progress in these tasks.

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