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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cool down!

 The Transmitter replacement project has many aspects, a major part of the project is to setup the cooling system.  The transmitters have high power tubes that use steam vapor cooling.  The heat exchangers for the final high powered tubes will be outside the transmitter building; however, the lower powered sections will remain inside. 

To maintain the proper temperature and remove the critical sections from salty wet air the transmitter hall will be air conditioned.  This will lower maintenance costs and provide longer life for the equipment.

The first 12 ton Air Conditioner is currently being installed.  The last two systems are on order and expect to arrive next month.  Concrete footers are being poured and a steel support system is being welded.  Careful construction work is being performed as the system will need to withstand typhoon strength winds (200+ mph).

Inside we will be building ducts for the Cool air to be delivered to the transmitter hall and warm air to be returned to the Central unit.  Once the first air conditioner is installed (hopefully in a few weeks) we will be able to move to the next phase which is to remove the 2nd floor storage area above the transmitter hall and build a new wall and door system that will essentially seal up the building for air conditioner use, but still allow us to bring in the new transmitters.  

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