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Friday, November 12, 2010

Working for the Lord --heating and cooling!

This week has been all about the relocation of Transmitter Two and teamwork is what makes it possible! All hands were on deck for this project. The old radiator has been removed, and a new one fit to a new spot. Its new location, exposed to the outside of the building, will mean less work for the new air conditioner to cool the system. Yesterday was a full day with Jim and Sterling working on the steam lines -- preparing them to fit the new design, Kevin and Paul were working on the temporary air ducts, Mike was working on insulating the lines, Doug was working on preparing the new motor, and Dave was assisting to bring the cooler down and help wherever he was needed. Bob was working behind the scenes in the financial area.

These changes to Transmitter Two will result in improvements and this is one of many steps in setting the stage for the eventual installation of the new digital transmitters. Like a symphony all the different parts come together in harmony. Though the noises heard right now - the drilling and sawing - aren’t very pleasant to the ear, the final product will result in "music" to the listeners’ ears!

Two of the youngest members of the TWR staff team, Sarah and Joy took their school “on the road” and headed to KTWR to record the progress of the transmitter project. Following are the interviews they conducted:

Interview with Sterling Ottun:

What is the project you are working on?

Helping remove the old radiator, putting it outside so it’s not as loud inside and so the heat from it is outside. Then, we can put the new air conditioners in.

What is your part of the project?

Well, we are all crossing over and doing different parts of the job, so that is hard to answer. But, I have been mainly disassembling and helping to take out the old radiator, threading pipes, and building water lines.

What do you enjoy about your part in the project?

Knowing it’s going to be an improvement later.

Interview by Sarah and Joy Gregson

Interview with Mike Sabin

What is the project you are working on?
Transmitter two relocation

What is your part in the project?

Wiring, electrical, design.

What excites you about your part in the project?

The results. With the air con, the transmitters will last longer.

What are some of the challenges?

Fatigue and working in tight spaces. As an example, when I crawled inside the transmitter to work.

How long do you think this part of the project will take to finish?

One phase will be done today but maybe a few more weeks before it’s completely finished.

Joy concluded that the outcome of persistence is great things! Interview by Joy Gregson, age 9


Interview with Jim McIntyre

What part of the transmitter project are you working on?

Move cooling system outside so the station will be cooler. (it’s the first step)

What is your part of the project?

Helping, planning, buying materials, helping with the work.

What do you enjoy about your part in the project?

I like to build things with my hands and it’s exciting to work for God!

What is the trickiest part of doing this job?

Not a lot of time! We have to get this done and ready to go on the air.

How long do you think it will take to complete it?

Half a day (we spent the whole day yesterday already)

Sarah concluded that hard work and determination can get the job done!!
Interview by Sarah Gregson, age 11

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