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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pumping & Draining

It was a busy weekend for Jim McIntyre and Mike Sabin as they worked to get TX 2 up to full power. Remember folks that I am the non-techie who writes for this blog, so I was interested to learn that even a little bit of dirt or dust can cause arching within the transmitter. . . not a good thing! There is an old saying, "once the dust settles" things will work out okay. Apparently not so with transmitters, ALL dust particles must go. Therefore Jim and Mike spend many hours Saturday pumping and draining water through the transmitter. In other words, flushing out the system of TX 2. Perhaps "flushing" is a bit to strong of a word to use as it takes a long time for the water to run through the system, with water just dripping out at the end. It has taken at least twelve 5-gallon buckets of water so far, but the system is getting better and they are hoping to get TX 2 up to full power today. In the meantime, we send out a special thank you to FEBC in Saipan who aired some of our programming on Thursday and Friday so that our listeners would continue to hear their programs.

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