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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Panels Are Online!

With all of the electrical hookups complete, an inspector from Guam Power Authority came by the office last week and gave us the go-ahead to flip the breaker to allow power to begin flowing from the solar panels into our distribution panel! So we are beginning to see the benefit of the solar panel array that we have been anxiously waiting to use. These additional 20 kW of power, combined with the 23 kW in the first phase, will allow us to generate about 300 kWh of energy on a nice, sunny Guam day. Over time, this will make a big difference in our energy budget, and will allow us to direct more funds to ministry expenses, such as more programming for the transmitters.
The inverter has a display screen showing the voltage, current, power and energy outputs of the PV system. The left side has the DC values coming into the inverter from the panels, and the right side has the AC output from the inverter to the building.

The inverter is mounted outside on the support posts for the panels.

The finished product happily chugging out power!

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