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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Phase Two Has Begun!

Since phase one of our solar panel project was implemented almost a year ago, we have produced 39.6 MWh of energy!  This translates to roughly $13,000 in energy savings over the past year.  Our first phase has the capacity to produce 23 kW of power, but on Guam, we are permitted 100 kW of capacity for a grid-tie system.  Therefore, we are looking to add second and third phases of panels to utilize this renewable source of energy and further reduce our energy bills.  The addition of a second phase will bring our total capacity to 43 kW.

Phases 2 & 3 will go on the slope behind our building.
Early on Monday morning, workers from Kindo Electric here on Guam showed up at the site to begin work on the installation of phase two of our solar array.  Unlike the first solar array, this phase will go on the slope behind the transmitter hall (as shown in the figure above).  Over the period of two mornings, the workers set the layout and spacing for the panels, dug the postholes (shown below), and dug a trench from the location of the panels to the back of the building, where the panels will be tied into our electrical system.  All that remains is to install the posts, mount the panels, install the inverter and complete the electrical hookup!  We are hoping to have this work done before the end of the month.

Digging the postholes for the mounting hardware.

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