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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Slew Switch Motor Replacement

Since the beginning of the broadcast season in March, we have been limited in our use of antenna three.  Although the antenna can potentially broadcast in three directions, we can only use one of those directions (or slews) per shift.  This is because the motor that powers the slew switch has not been working properly.  In order to restore the slew switch to its proper functionality, we replaced the old motor with a refurbished motor, and replaced the wires that run from the relays that control the motor to match the color-coded system in our schematics.

Now that the motor has been replaced, we have the potential to use any of the three slews on antenna three during our broadcast shift.  However, this improvement came with a cost, as Mike painfully discovered where some wasps had been nesting in the struts that support the slew switch...

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