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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Security Fence is Up

After installing the first phase of our solar panel array in September 2014, the panels were left open and unprotected on a hillside on our property.  With so many different projects going on throughout the past few months, we haven't gotten around to installing a security fence.  Since the work on our other projects, such as the switch matrix, has slowed down after the broadcast season change, we took this opportunity to build the fence!

With the fence complete, phase one of our solar project has come to a close.  Currently, we are in the design and engineering stages of the second phase.  We are hoping to install the next phase in July before the rainy season gets underway.

Using a two-man auger to drill the holes for the fence posts.

Paul and Phil cutting the fence posts to 10-foot lengths.
The fence posts are in place!
Stretching out the chain link to attach to the end posts.

Voila!  The completed fence!

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