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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Playing in the Mud

Since this is rainy season on Guam, digging in the dirt is actually a messy process.  That is what we faced when trenching for the power and control lines for the antenna switch matrix.  The conduit that houses these lines will go from the transmitter building to the concrete block structure shown in the distance to the right in this photograph.  The controller that manages the switches and the power panel will be housed in that structure.

Once the power and control lines are connected to the equipment in the block building, there is still quite a bit of connection work to be done.  Each switch must be connected via conduits to the block building.  After that is done, we can test the controller and the switches.  The matrix tuning process will be the next step.  That will be done to improve the performance of the transmitters and the antennas.

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