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Thursday, March 27, 2014


There have been various points of work these last couple weeks.

1) Fabrication and placement of Matrix complex. The 'feed line beam' (or hanger) has been constructed. This is a massive 40 foot beam that Jim has welded together.  This will be the beam where the feed lines from the building will come to and then be distributed to the matrix.

2) The PLC has been fabricated and tested with an antenna switcher. The micro switches and relays have been added. It was great to see a switching test - it took only 8 seconds for the switch to change from A to B. The seven switchers have been fit and are now on the pad.  There are three more switchers that will need the frames fabricated and then readied for the matrix. 

3) In preparation for the coming frequency period antenna two has to be fitted for transmitter seven.  This is pre-switcher matrix broadcasting.  Because of the amount of programming we are putting on TX 7 we need to use antenna two and the old A/B switch.  By the end of April the antenna matrix first stage will take the place of the A/B switch and switching between antenna two and three.

And on March 30, 2014 as the new season begins KTWR will be broadcasting it's first DRM broadcast - in Japanese.

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