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Friday, September 16, 2011

Wave of the Future

We have had an encouraging learning experience during our DRM test transmissions. The spectrum analyzer display shows the typical "Bart-head" waveform that a DRM broadcast creates. TX6 was able to acheive a "shoulder depth" of at least 32dB, which is quite good.
There are still bugs to be worked out with the data being sent from the content server to the modulator in the transmitter. These bugs are creating occasional breaks in the audio. However, the sound quality is amazing for a shortwave broadcast. We have received listener reports from Japan and Australia. The main beam of the 75KW signal was actually headed toward India.  You can go to to hear the signal that was received in Japan.


  1. Hi,

    May I ask, what sort of array were you using from Guam? Was it tightly focused towards India?

    Also, could I ask what the reliability of the reception was like in India?

    (Thanks in advance from someone who really likes DRM!)