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Friday, June 10, 2011

Move 'em on, head 'em up...

Head 'em up, move 'em on,
Move 'em, head 'em up,
Yes siree bob, that ole' round-up song lassoed my brain this week with all the movin' goin' on this here week. First the modulator transformers for the Thomson transmitters were moved and installed. (1) Next the Merlin-Gerin power switch units for the new transmitters were rounded up into their corral...oh excuse me...moved to the room they will be occupying. (2) And finally the blowers for TX6 which arrived on site Friday, were brought into the building.(3)
To prepare for the modulator transformers, concrete pads were poured, and were ready for when they were put into place. (The transformers will step down power voltage from 480 volts to 380 volts.) Drywall has been completed on the new walls and they will soon be painted.
Jim McIntyre, Sterling Ottun, and Brian Martin flew to the neighboring island of Saipan last week to pack up and ship antennae and transmitter parts, as well as tolls that were purchased from FEBC on Saipan who are dismantling their Saipan shortwave broadcast operation. As a result of FEBC shutting down on Saipan, a couple who have been working there, may be seconded to TWR Guam in the near future.
Newly arrived this week is the Griffith family from Nebraska who are volunteering to help us with the transmitter project. Dad, Ken, mom, Janet, and kids, Ethan, JoBeth, and Jentry threw themselves right into the work by painting the transformers, air conditioners, and storage containers. Soon to arrive are Kevin and Lynn Baker who worked with us late last year and are now TWR staff helping us for the time being with the project. Also arriving soon are Phil and April Leppke, joining us for several months (perhaps longer). Thanks to so many who have been praying with us for the needed workers to complete the transmitter project....God has been abundantly supplying.

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