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Friday, November 22, 2019

Convert SmartPhone to DRM 30 HF receiver!

Convert Smart Phone to DRM 30 HF receiver!

We are pleased to report successful use of an SDR Dongle used to directly receive and Decode DRM 30 over HF today.

The SDR Dongle is an RTLSDR v3 type connected to an android smartphone using an OTG cable (phone or tablet must be OTG capable).

The Software used:
1. Android driver (free)
2. DRM+SDR Android App ($4.99)

The Frequency of the HF broadcast is directly assigned within the DRM+ SDR app with two settings
1. Frequency in Hertz
2. RF Gain (0-512)

Demonstration video showing Clean DRM decode of AAC Audio and Journaline data along with live metadata.  (our signal was very strong, so only a short wire used for Antenna, DX'rs will need an appropriate Antenna)

** Updated 01/28/2020, SDRPlay type SDR has been added 

Now anyone with a smartphone and a $20 SDR can receive DRM 30 HF broadcasts...

The new KTWR DRM schedule became effective 27 October
** updated 01/28/2020

 Day                        Freq                       Time                                      Region                             Power

Wednesday          9910kHz             1026-1056UTC                    China                                    50kW
Thursday               7500kHz             1226-1245UTC                    Japan/Korea                       50kW
Sunday                 13800kHz            1026-1056UTC                    South Asia                           90kW

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