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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Language Change on Saturday DRM to China, English to Mandarin

 Beginning on 27 April 2024 the program will be entirely in Mandarin.  20 April will be first program of a new series in the New Testament book of First Thessalonians in English.  That program will be repeated the following Saturday in Mandarin.  The rest of the series will be broadcast in Mandarin.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

South India Reception Issue

Hi DXers. We hope that the A24 broadcast season has provided good listening conditions for you. However, we know this has not turned out to be the case in all KTWR coverage areas. 

We are currently investigating the poor performance in parts of southern India for our 15390kHz broadcasts. We saw similar behavior with the 13690kHz broadcasts last season. It seems as if there is a multipath issue. The areas where the problem is most apparent are in near Coimbatore, near Bangalore, and near Chennai. If we could get data such as impulse response plots from Dream listeners in those areas, it would help us see what is happening. 

Thanks for your help and 73.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

KTWR A24 DRM Schedule

Hi everyone.

We have good news for you. KTWR is maintaining the current amount of time for DRM broadcasts for the A24 broadcast season. The only timing change is that the two Sunday blocks will have no gap between them. The South Indian language broadcasts will start 15 minutes earlier than they do in the B23 season. The end time will also be earlier.

We are grateful for your reception reports. The posts on WhatsApp have been quite helpful. It will be interesting to see how 19 meters performs in India. We have seen some intermittent multipath issues with 22 meters in parts of India.

KTWR Digital Broadcasts


DRM broadcasts (Effective 31 March 2024):



Day              Time (UTC)        Frequency        Coverage Area         Language

Saturday     1059-1130          12120 kHz          China                       English


Saturday     1130-1230          9320 kHz            Japan                      Japanese, English


Monday       1215-1245         9910 kHz            China                       Mandarin

Sunday        1500-1545        15390 kHz           India                        English

Sunday        1545-1615        15390 kHz           India                        South Indian languages

73 from KTWR

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Minor change to DRM schedule

Hi everyone. We are thankful for the reception reports that have been coming in for KTWR's DRM broadcasts. They have been quite helpful.

One case in point is with our Japanese DRM block on Saturdays. Some parts of Japan are experiencing interference to the broadcast on 9910kHz. We are going to try out a new frequency for that block. Effective 31 December, the DRM schedule for Japan will be:

Day              Time(UTC)         Frequency         Coverage Area         Language

Saturday     1130-1230          9320 kHz            Japan                      Japanese, English

Please let us know how that performs in the new year.

73 and have a blessed Christmas from KTWR.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

KTWR B23 DRM Broadcast Schedule - Updated

Hello everyone.

KTWR is going to continue to broadcast the same DRM program blocks that we are currently airing, except for one block. However, there will be several frequency changes. Please check the list below for the B23 schedule. 

Please note that the Tuesday - Friday 1600-1630 English broadcast will not continue into the B23 season. We are sorry for this last-minute change.

KTWR Digital Broadcasts


DRM broadcasts (Effective 29 October 2023):



Day              Time (UTC)        Frequency        Coverage Area         Language

Saturday     1059-1129          12040 kHz          China                       English


Saturday     1130-1230          9910 kHz            Japan                      Japanese, English


Monday       1215-1245         9910 kHz            China                       Mandarin

Sunday        1500-1545        13690 kHz           India                        English

Sunday        1600-1630        13690 kHz           India                        South Indian languages

73 from KTWR

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Both DRM Transmitters On-the-Air

 Good news!  With the second DRM transmitter back up we will be resuming the Saturday and Monday DRM broadcasts tonight, 8 July.

 Day            Time (UTC)           Frequency        Country

Saturday        1100 - 1130         12120 kHz        China

                      1130 - 1230          9910 kHz         Japan

Monday         1215 - 1245         9910 kHz          China


This completes the initial restoral of  services after Typhoon Mawar.  Several of the repairs have been temporary and much work remains to get back to fully normal operations.  We are very happy to be back on the air!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Another Obstacle

Hi again DXers,

We thought that by now, KTWR would have been broadcasting its full schedule. The emphasis had been on repairing antennas. We have four of them repaired, so we have enough for airing all programs. However, TX6 developed an unusual tuning fault while sitting unused for three weeks. Because of this problem, we cannot air most of our DRM programs. The only ones we can currently cover are the Sunday 15390/13670kHz shots to South Asia. (Yes, the 15205kHz block will change frequency to 13670kHz, effective 2 July.)

One bit of good news is that we will change the time of our Tues-F 15390kHz broadcast from 1515-1545UTC to 1600-1630UTC. This change will be effective 28 June.

We are sorry for this situation. We will let you know when the ailing transmitter is ready for us to broadcast all DRM programs again.

73 de KTWR